Friday, February 20, 2009

Got Away For Several Days

Tom and I went on our 5th annual Atlantic City Valentine Week mid-winter getaway the week of the 8th. We had a really nice time and it was so nice to get away and not worry about anything or have any set schedule. We always stay at the Tropicana.

We would start our day off with a nice brunch at 11 am and then were able to walk the boardwalk because the temp was in the mid to upper 60's most of the week. We would browse the open shops and walk in some other casinos to look around. Occasionally Teddi and I would play a slot machine that the Tropicana didn't have. Teddi is very lucky, she's always winning something over $200. I have no luck whatsoever, but I have fun and only play with my day's allotment. If you go to the casino's expecting to win're in for a very big disappointment and will end up spending and losing more money than you can afford to lose. So I'm always very careful.

Our second night we went to the Trop's show, Spirit Of The Dance ( Irish dancers) which I really enjoyed. Our third night we went to the Comedy Club, always a treat. Our fourth night I called it an early night and went upstairs to our room at 9 pm to watch LOST. That shows you what a die hard fan I am, I'm in Atlantic City and I'm watching TV!! Our last night Tom and I went to the IMAX to see The Dark Knight. We had seen it at home on DVD but IMAX is so much better!

Of course our trip wouldn't be complete without John pulling something on Tom and he didn't disappoint. They were enjoying a pitcher of beer at the bar and John told the young female bartender that once a week Tom dances in a thong for an old folk's home. Tom just hangs his head and sighs. One evening we stopped by the bar to have a drink before dinner and as we were leaving that same bartender came on shift and asked Tom if he would be back later to dance for everyone. He said " you can count on it". I put his thong in the freezer.
Last year, while at the bar, John needed to use the men's room and upon getting up from his stool he turns to Tom and says quite loudly "do you want me to empty your colostomy bag for you?" It's always something.

When it's time to head for home, we always drive to Adamstown, PA and stop at one of our favorite Diners, Silk City Diner. When we got there it was closed and under construction. Might have been a fire, hard to tell, but that was our consensus. Luckily there was another diner down the road a bit and it was open and the food was just as appetizing. This year John didn't experience his yearly 'car sickness' on the way home which I always attributed to too much beer and the guys went easier on it this year and were actually in bed every night before midnight. Hee hee, they are really starting to show their age.

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