Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good Report

My appt. with Dr. Musselman was this morning. When he entered the patient waiting room and shook my hand I said "you can run, but you can't hide!!" He laughed and said I'm not the only patient to tell him that. He apologised for not getting in contact with me ( or other patients) as he was locked out of the computer at the other Cardiology office and had no way to get our addresses and phone numbers. Apparently the other associates decided to go another way - with UPMC hospitals and Dr. Musselman wanted to stay with the West Penn Allegheny System. So he left and joined with another Cardiologist group.
I've been with him for the past 8 years since my diagnosis and he knows everything about me and when he determined it was time for me to have my surgery, he arranged for me to have it in Pittsburgh instead of the Cleveland Clinic, with a surgeon who had worked at the Cleveland Clinic and was now doing myectomies here in Pittsburgh. I literally trust Dr. Musselman with my life. I'd follow him anywhere......anywhere that Tom would be willing to drive me to that is.

Anyway, I had an EKG done and the readings were very good. He said " it shows my pacemaker is doing what it's supposed to". Everything else is fine and since I'm having no problems, I don't have to go back until next April unless I'm having problems before then.

One other thing he said to me was that while he was hesitant about going ahead with the myectomy because of my age ( he thought I was too young) that I was symtomatic and he felt that the surgery would give me some relief. And while he hated to put me through it, he believed it was the best thing for me. I do too, but I sure wouldn't do it again!! He said no worries, the muscle won't grow back. Now that's a big relief!!

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