Saturday, April 12, 2008

Documented Light Switch Covers

Several months back, you may remember that I wrote about my bathroom wooden light switch covers mysteriously disappearing and the old covers back in place. No one ever owned up to that and I couldn't prove that I was not losing my mind.

Well, this time I ain't takin' any chances. I bought some new plates, but before I took the old ones off again and replaced them with the new ones, I took PHOTOS!!

You bet I did!! Below is the old plate. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but I didn't want that one on my wall once I decided to country/prim up my bathroom. The oak wooden switches were really nice and I was really mad when they disappeared. Tom swears I am losing it and he says he remembers wooden switches BEFORE I repainted the bathroom and says I had to have put the old ones back up myself. Now why would I do that? Grrrrrr And NOW he remembers wooden ones?? Hmmmm

And here is the new black tin switchplate. You will notice this pic has a round switch, that's because I have two plates in the bathroom, one for the lights ( dimmer switch) and one for the fan.

Switchplate thief BEWARE...... I've got PROOF now. Bwaaaahaaaahaaaa

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