Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bald Pates & Blue Hair

  I'm helping my eldest daughter potty train her youngest who turned 3 in Dec.  We are finally making progress.  YEA!!! 
3 year old Ayden was sitting on the potty chair on Friday and spotted her Poppy's brush on the shelf above the toilet.  "Whose brush is that Gramma?"  I replied that it was Poppy's.  " What does he do with it Gramma?".  "He brushes his hair sweetie".  A befuddled look crosses her face and she answers " But...Poppy doesn't have any hair".  Hee hee  Poppy does have hair, but mostly on the sides and in the back of his head.  Poor Poppy is very thin on top to almost non-existant.  Leave it to the 3 year old to say what everyone else side steps around when it comes to Poppy's balding pate.
Speaking of which.  I cannot stand when a balding man parts his remaining hair nearly over his ear and has 3 or 4 strands of 'thread' like hairs combed over his scalp.  It's even worse when a high wind blows and those hairs flop over to the other side and hang down to his chin, unawares to balding man.  I've told 'Poppy' that should he EVER revert to this behavior, I will shave him completely bald in his sleep. He's already given me permission to 'shoot him' should he ever wear a striped shirt with plaid pants and white shoes that aren't sneakers. 
On the flipped side of this coin, I must never wear spandex, take up smoking cigars or color my hair blue.

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