Friday, September 04, 2009

It's All Good

My 9 year old grandaughter started her first day of 4th grade yesterday.  She spent the night Wed. night and had a hard time falling asleep because she was too excited.  I'm sure it was well after 11:30 before she finally fell into a deep sleep.  I thought I was going to have a hard time waking her up at 8 am but she was up at 6:30 with her 'Poppy'.  He told her it was too early for school and to lie down with Gramma.  She came into our room and climbed into Poppy's side but kept tossing and turning and I believe trying to 'wake me up'.  I ignored it all for about 15 minutes and then gave up.  I told her to go on and get dressed.  She didn't want breakfast, too excited to eat but I managed to get her to eat half of a half of a toasted bagel with peanut butter and a glass of milk.  School opens it's doors at 8:30 and provides free breakfast for the students but since Jordyn wanted to eat at my house the first day we planned on leaving at 8:50 as school is only a 3 minute drive away.  Jordyn moved the time up to 8:40 and then at 8:25 she couldn't wait any longer and we left for school.  I was hoping that once she saw her friends in the cafeteria she would change her mind and eat a little more breakfast.
This morning, she was hoping to walk to school with a couple of her friends who live down the street from me and eat breakfast with them at school.  She was waiting on the front porch for them at 8:15 and when they hadn't walked past by 8:25 I woke up the other two grandkids and with pajamas still on loaded them in the car.  Jordyn spied her friends being driven to school today, lol so I don't think we will rely on her walking to school every day.  Jonah starts kindergarten next Thursday and he's getting anxious now too.  Now next week, I won't be driving them to school, as they will be walking together.  Mom and I just weren't comfortable with Jordyn walking alone.
Our friend John called last night to talk about our planned cruise in May of next year.  Tom and I have been going to Atlantic City with John and his wife Teddi in February for the past 5 years.  John worked with Tom for over 20 years and is now retired.  Tom's turn will be coming up very soon.  Originally we were planning on a 4 day cruise to Bermuda but John found a better deal for us all and it's a 6 day cruise.  Sounds good to me!!  Tom and I have never been on a cruise before, so I'm very excited.  John and Teddi have been on several.
We are all going to get together on Sunday for dinner and go over the brochure.
Now that the weather is cooling off I'm going to start back up at Curves.  I stopped going there for awhile only because I was so HOT and had absolutely no energy to exercise my hiney off and sweat some more only to sweat even MORE when I got outside and back home.  Just couldn't do it.  It's one thing to sweat while exercising and then go outside and have some nice cool air cool me down, but it's another to sweat like a roasted pig and jump from the spit into an oven.  Doesn't work for me.
I am LOVING this cooler weather - I have more energy and am actually looking forward to going outdoors now.
I stayed cooped up in the house most of the summer with the ceiling fans going all day long.  Normally I would spent 3/4 of that time in the pool but we had so much trouble with algae this year we closed it early.
The grandkids are already asking for lunch ( it's only 10:45 ) so I'll have another cuppa coffee and see what's in the fridge.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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