Thursday, January 08, 2009

Jan. 8 update

I haven't updated here for several reasons....I've been busy working on my crafts and graphics and there really hasn't been anything 'new' regarding Mrs. Hyde, who I believe is hibernating for the winter, my health has been okay and I haven't noticed any improvements on better sleep with the CPAP machine. Only one night in the past couple weeks was I able to leave the mask on all night. I was just as tired that morning as I am any other morning.
Most nights I can use it for 3-4 hours before I have to rip it off. Even though I try not to fiddle around with the straps, one night air leaks or another night the mask feels too tight. One night Tom was snoring so loudly even the sound of my machine couldn't drone him out. I moved to the couch when I couldn't get him to roll over and it just seemed too much of a hassle to move the machine along with me so I slept without it the remainder of the night. It is so weird trying to talk with the machine on. It's near impossible. I tried to tell Tom to roll over and all that came out was a big puff of air and some gurgling. No wonder he didn't hear or understand me.
It was funny last night. When Tom went to bed, I put the mask on so I could try to readjust the head straps to minimize the air leakage so I wouldn't disturb Tom doing it when I went to bed. Tom wouldn't look at me, he threw the covers over his head and said 'don't scare me' Well, that's all it took for me to imitate the sound that the vampires made in the movie 30 Days Of Night.
Have you seen that? They open their fanged mouths and a screeching noise AAAAAHHHHH comes out. I did that and it really creeped Tom out. LOL Of course if I really wanted to be mean I 'could' do that in the middle of the night while he's in a light sleep, but he'd probably have a stroke. That sounds like something Mrs. Hyde would think of. Maybe she's only pretending to hibernate.

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