Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sleep Study - No Report Yet

I'm still waiting for an official report on my sleep apnea. Thought for sure I'd have it by now.
I'm still experiencing the snorts and they are really starting to drive me up the wall. I can be in bed for 9 hours and still wake up feeling like I've not had a good night's sleep.

I've asked Tom that if he hears me snorting, to wake me up and tell me to roll over. What does he do?? He pokes me in the back!!!! AARRGGHH I hate that so much. All he has to do is say 'Hon, roll over' and I'll hear him. Do NOT poke me, that in itself can awaken Mrs. Hyde who hasn't seemed to be affected by sleep apnea at all, go figure. If you wake Mrs. Hyde, I will NOT be responsible for any damage she may do to Tom. As long as SHE seems to get a good night's sleep, she is on her best behavior. On the mornings that I am irritable I know that she must have had a few of her own snorting bouts. I may be still tired when I wake up but I'm not normally irritable. It's all her.

I'm going to wait until the middle of this week and if I still don't get the results of the study, I may have Mrs. Hyde make 'the' phone call. She seems to get quicker results than I do. Must be her winning personality.

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