Monday, September 15, 2008

Sleep Study & More

I finally made my appointment for the sleep study to see if I actually have sleep apnea. It's next Saturday night. I have to be there at 8:30 pm. I was so surprised that they do this on a weekend, but really glad so I won't have to worry about Deana having to take off work because she can't get a sitter for the baby.
I have to keep a log of my sleeping habits for this week. Also my coffee and alcohol consumption, naps, when I doze off, etc.

Got my results back from my bloodwork. My thyroid test came back normal. How can that be when my metabolism is 'stuck'? Oh well, guess I have to work harder at getting it back on track.

My cholesterol was high. Might be those once a week egg, cheese and sausage bagels. Back to cereal. Dr. M. wants me to start taking 80 mg of Zocor instead of the 40 mg I was on.

Friday my 8 year old grandaughter stayed home from school sick. She started off the night before with a scratchy throat and by morning was coughing and complaining her stomach hurt. When she got here she was hungry and wanted some 'dippy eggs' ( lightly turned over) and toast. She was only able to take a few bites before she made a mad dash for the toilet and lost what little she did eat.
She laid on the couch and fell asleep for most of the rest of the day. I tried to get some liquids into her so she wouldn't dehydrate. She really didn't want much.
By late afternoon she had a low grade fever.
When mom picked her up from here at 5:30, Jordyn didn't want dinner, just gingerale and went back to bed. She slept until 3 am, watched TV for about an hour and then fell back asleep. By Saturday morning she was feeling better.
Saturday night her Mom, Deana complained of a scratchy throat and yesterday was suffering with a fever, chills, stuffy nose. She stayed home from work today as she still didn't feel any better.
Last night both Tom and I had scratchy throats. Neither of us got a good night's rest. Today we are both coughing, sneezing and have stuffy noses and he's lying down right now. This scratchy feeling makes me think of when I had strep throat.
It's very unpleasant.
Deana says the baby isn't feeling well now either. It seems too early for the flu - they aren't even giving out flu shots here yet. Must be some virus going around.
I have too much to catch up on so I'll rest later.

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