Saturday, March 01, 2008

Day 2 Atlantic City 2008

I slept in until 9 am which is really late for me. Tom was still sawing logs so I took my shower and got dressed. Tom's cell phone woke him up, and I knew it had to be one of our daughters. It was our eldest, Deana saying we were lucky to be out of town, they had a snow storm during the night and schools were closed.
She had several doctor appts. lined up for the baby that day and had to reschedule.
She wanted to know what the weather was like in Jersey. I peeked out the window and the sun was shining, a few people were walking along the beach. The forecast for that day was in the 40's. Deana said the high was about 16 and the chill factor was 11 below 0. Brrrrrr

We had planned to have breakfast at the buffet that morning, but when we met up with John and Teddi at 10:30 the line was pretty long. John not only does not like buffets, he hates waiting in lines. He wanted to walk to one of the little mom and pop restuarants that were about a block or so down from the Tropicana. I can never recall the name of the restuarant, but we've eaten there before and the food is really good. We didn't bother going back for our coats but that was a mistake.
It wasn't bad as long as we had the stores and casinos on our right but as soon as we hit an area that was open, we were blasted with ice cold wind.

The restaurant was under renovation but not inside. The outside was getting a facelift. The hostess was a young Russian girl and she was very friendly and John had a great time teasing her. Turns out our waitress was Russian too. I think all the workers were. Great place to eat, friendly staff and great food.
Teddi ordered breakfast but the rest of us went with burgers and fries because it was almost lunchtime by then. The burgers were HUGE and very filling.

After we ate John wanted to walk down to the Hilton. Teddi wanted to go back and get our coats but he said the Hilton was only 'a couple doors away'.
Ha!!! Not!!! More like a few more blocks!!! We could see the Hilton sign atop the building, but it kept looking farther away the closer we got!

When we finally blew through the door to the Hilton, we were all windblown and red faced. We walked around the Casino for awhile and Teddi and I found a couple machines we wanted to play and the guys headed to the bar.

*note- the guys spend alot of time at the bar on our annual trips to AC but neither are what you'd call big drinkers ordinarily. When we go back home, they both say they don't want to see another beer for 6 months.

When my money ran out I watched Teddi play for a while and then walked down to have a drink with the guys. I ordered a Pina Colada which I nursed. It was more like a slush and was making my teeth cold. Didn't help that we were facing a window and I could see walkers bundled up in winter coats and hats and mittens with their heads down fighting the blustery wind that wasn't there when I talked to Deana that morning!

We stayed at the Hilton for a few hours and then headed back to the Tropicana.
Both Teddi and I had to go to our rooms to refix our hair, we looked like we'd been in a wind tunnel and rats built nests in our hair.

We decided to go to the Seaside Cafe for pizza for dinner. It's a restaurant inside the Tropicana. I really wasn't all that hungry. It was 6 pm and I was still full from my burger that morning, but the pizza was cooked in one of those big stone ovens and smelled awesome. I ate two pieces. They were good, but not as good as Mineo's that we get back home.

At 8 pm we went to the Motown Review. The singers were a group from Australia called Human Nature.

They put on an awesome show. I was very impressed and we all enjoyed them immensely.

I was back up in our room by 11:30. I was ready to call it a night. Our room was so hot and when I checked the thermostat, it was off. WTH. I tried to turn on the AC and the lowest the temp would go was 70 so I guess it's all controlled by the casino. I opened the windows but they only open a crack, but a little air was better than none at all.

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