Sunday, May 20, 2007


Things are getting back to BH around here. BH stands for before hospital. BH was when we took each other for granted, just the general B.S. ( we all know what that stands for ) that most married couples go through.

AH was so much nicer. After Hospital. That was when Tom couldn't do enough for me. He waited on me hand and foot, was always pleasant, helpful, loving, you name it, if it was nice, he did it. But now that I'm 'normal' again and don't require TLC things are changing. And not for the better. Mrs. Hyde is slowly gathering momentum and resurfacing. It almost feels good knowing she's still around when I most need her. I hope she remembers where she put that cattle prod, because I think we're gonna need it.

Let me give you a couple examples of the latest AH crapola that has me and Mrs. Hyde so hyped.

Last week on Tom's day off I asked him if he would put up a large black Star for me on the outside of the house. He said 'sure'. 6 days later, it's still sitting on the floor in the living room. When I mentioned it to him Saturday, he got into a little snit and said he worked all day and came home and had outside work to do. O.......k ..... This morning he gets up at 6 a.m. and goes to Trader Jacks, a local outdoor fleamarket. He gets home by 9 and while I'm fixing breakfast I very nicely ask if he would please put my star up today. He said 'sure'. I went out shopping today with daughter Deana to buy some paint for our bedroom and look at some mini blinds. We got home around 5 pm and what to my surprise did I see on the house? NOTHING. He still hadn't put up my star. Grrrrrrr

He's down in the basement when I got home so I yelled down, "thought you were going to put my star up for me today". Again he rants and raves about how busy he's been. Now come on, it was only going to take 10-15 minutes tops to drill a hole in the freaking mortar between the bricks. I would have done it myself, but I don't know which drill bit to use - and I'd probably drill through my hand or fall off the ladder and break something important.

I was beginning to get hot under the collar and it wasn't from the heat of the afternoon OR from my menopause.

The other thing that has Mrs. H's and my panties in an uproar is the reason I went shopping today. Paint. I've been wanting to repaint our bedroom since after Christmas. Anytime I would bring it up, I'd be shot down with one reason or another why we couldn't or shouldn't paint right now. I'm tired of waiting and I'm anxious to get started. Saturday I went to Home DePot and got some paint samples/swatches. I must have picked out 20 samples. I narrowed it down to four colors. I wanted something that would look good with the quilt that Deana, Carey and Nicki bought for me when I got home from the hospital in lieu of flowers. I'm really into country/primitive decor and I knew exactly what I wanted to do, but was just having some difficulty in choosing the right paint color. I wanted a dark color to accent one wall, the one behind our bed. The color I had in mind is called pomegranite. There's a tan shade in the quilt that I thought would compliment the dark wall and wanted to use that on the remaining 3 walls. Tom, naturally isn't any help in choosing a color, but makes sure it's known that he does NOT want to live in a cave. His way of telling me he doesn't like the pomegranite nor any other dark color. He is very fond of yellow and I puke when I think of a yellow bedroom. However, I'm willing to compromise and choose a few shades darker than yellow. More of a gold base, the color called Desert Caravan ( Behr paint ). There is a similar color gold that runs through the entire quilt and maybe the wall color will bring out the gold in the quilt more. Just for the record, let me clarify that I didn't 'not' buy the original paint I wanted just because Tom didn't like it. I didn't buy it because it turns out the paint is a 'designer' paint and was going to cost an arm and half a leg.

As is was, one gallon of 'cheap' paint plus a roll of masking tape cost me $30. I just KNEW what I was in for when I got home. I was right, I got the expected grumblings that I could have gotten the paint a lot cheaper at Kmart. I have learned to tune out these rantings as I was not about to take the paint back. Tom says "you didn't get a dark color, did you"? Welllll...... it's not light, but it isn't cave dark. He looks at me with that look that says he doesn't quite believe me.

I mentioned that I had also been looking at new mini window blinds. The ones we currently have up are over 20 years old and made of aluminum. I hate them. I wanted an easy to clean off white color. Those aluminum ones have a touch of puke green in them.

"Don't be going overboard now, we have 2 weeks vacation coming up in 5 weeks". Yes, Tom I know. But I plan on buying the blinds with my crafting money. He doesn't listen.

He continues to nag about how each pay there is less and less to put toward trips, etc.

TOM...I wasn't going to write out a check for blinds, I was going to pay for them out of my CRAFT MONEY. By now my eyes are darting back and forth, I just know that Mrs. Hyde is planning an entrance and it wasn't going to be pretty.

Just as she appeared, with cattle prod in hand, Tom, lucky for him, stops his ranting. I don't think he saw her, but perhaps there was a 'smell' in the air. You know, the smell of ozone, right before a thunderstorm? Wise man to clamp up and say nothing more.

I bought a really nice framed and painted picture that reads 'Always Kiss Me Goodnight' that I plan to hang over our bed once the walls are painted. I wish there was room for an additional two words..............'Always Kiss Me Goodnight, Or Else'. I'm looking for an antique cattle prod to add to the wall, within reaching distance of course.

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