Thursday, March 15, 2007

Heart Surgery Part 7

March 9, 2007

Tom decides to go back to work today. I'm more self sufficient now, able to get up and down on my own, fixing light meals and able to walk around the house without holding onto anything. It's a test today to see how I do. Tom stops by the house on his way to his route to make sure I'm ok. I'm doing fine. I was having some coffee and a toasted bagel. I've been given strict orders by the boss not to do anything other than read, watch TV, get on computer and he even set out my sewing machine in case I felt up to doing any crafting. He told me to leave the dishes and he'd do them after dinner. I know I can do them myself, but I'm taking advantage of this pampering and I leave them.

I do get on the computer to write in my blogs, to check in at my craft forums and my MSN groups. I watch my afternoon soaps and as much as I would like to sew, I just don't have the energy yet. I don't even read, which is one of my favorite pasttimes.

Tom's sister Caren calls on her lunch break, to make sure I'm ok. I miss Deana's multiple daily calls since her maternity leave is over and she went back to work on the day shift. She calls me on her way home though.

I wait until after dinner to take my shower. Tom and the girls were a little worried that I might get lightheaded and fall with no one here. That was probably a good idea, because I am still feeling weak. I can't raise my left arm very high. I had to ask Tom to shave my armpits. He was a little rough, and I had to remind him that it's not like shaving a facial beard. He didn't cut me though. Deana comes over tonight to shave my legs for me. I can't bend over enough yet to do them myself, and she says they are getting long enough to braid. LOL No one sees them but me and Tom, but I let her pamper me too.

I had one of those darned 'dreams' again where I 'think' I'm getting an electrical shock from my pacemaker. It's doubtful, because I understand that most people never even know when they kick in. I'll have to ask on the HCMA forum if anyone has been able to tell.

Tom goes into work today too. Nicki is home today and I'm feeling pretty good except that my left shoulder aches like a toothache where the ICD unit is. I guess this is just something I will have to get used to, it is after all a foreign object implanted under my skin.

Tom had hoped I felt like going down to Blinkey's for a fish sandwich tonight, but I didn't think I could handle all the smoke in the bar, can't drink yet, and hadn't had a shower either, so he went down and ordered them and brought them home.

Today was really uneventful. Deana did bring the kids by though and enjoyed spending time with them. I got to hold the baby, can't pick her up yet, but if someone puts her in my arms, it's ok. She is so sweet and her little personality is starting to show. She's quite the charmer.

I love watching Jonah and Jordyn with Ayden. They are so gentle and loving, always stopping by to touch her with each pass, whether it's a pat on her head, or a kiss on her cheek.


Today is a great day! I don't feel weak or lightheaded and Tom and I take my first walk outdoors! We walk a couple blocks and while it did tire me out, it felt so good to get outside. Had to wear my winter coat. Tom was comfortable in a sweatshirt but I was cold today. It was only a ten minute walk ( but took me 20 minutes because I can't walk at a good pace yet). That will come with time.

Deana cooks all of us a big batch of stuffed green peppers for dinner and they are awesome. Glad my appetite has come back. Still, some foods just don't taste the same as they did pre-surgery. My tastebuds seem to have changed.

Nancy stops by this afternoon with some more food! Stuffed rolled beef, au grautin potatoes, macaroni salad and hot buffalo strips. She has been so good to us, above and beyond the 'call of duty'. I will never forget and hope to repay this kindness soon.

I notice that some of the scab from my incision has fallen off. The scar really doesn't look bad - it blends in with my skin coloring and is much narrower than some scars I've seen on heart patients. The two holes where the stomach tubes were attached are taking longer to heal. They were not stitched, but left 'open' to close on their own. They are sore but more sore from the inside out. The bruising on my abdomen is still purple but there are now hues of yellow.


Another uneventful day. I do however take a shower on my own, I'm not weak or lightheaded today at all. When Tom comes home from work, we take our walk and this time it didn't tire me out at all.

We ate some of Nancy's stuffed rolled beef and potatoes and everything was delicious! There is enough left for several more meals.

I walked down the basement stairs tonight which was no problem. I wanted to see if I could come back up. If not, I could always go out the basement door, up the driveway and go in the front door. I just took it slow, and actually made it all the way up without any shortness of breath. That in itself is a major 'victory'.

Tom and I have become even closer since my surgery. He never goes to bed without kissing me and telling me he loves me. After being married 34 years, you tend to take each other for granted. No more.
Even though I'm now able to get our dinner on my own, he now helps me. We do it together, or he'll tell me to go relax and he takes care of it.
He knows how much I enjoy watching American Idol and Lost - and he abhors them both, but two nights in a row he watched AI with me and once Lost. That was all he could take however, and now when they are on, he gets on the computer, LOL. But we do spend alot of time watching TV together, since I can't do much else yet.

We watched a scary movie tonight and one part made me jump and almost throw my tea cup. Tom said - 'What are you trying to do, test out your defribillator?'.

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