Thursday, March 22, 2007

Good To Go!

Well, I went to see Dr. Musselman for my follow-up yesterday and got great news, I'm doing very well. Cindy, the nurse did an EKG and it was good. I got the Okay to drive again and there is no problem with my going to Chicago next week. I just need to make sure I have my blood work done early Mon. morning, and then phone in to the office later that afternoon so I can find out if my Coumadin needs adjusted for the remainder of the week.

I had a hair appointment this afternoon so I drove over. I could have walked, it's not far, but it was raining and Mrs. Hyde didn't want to get her hair wet. Ridiculous woman, it was going to be washed anyway, what's the difference? I see now why you can't drive after heart surgery. Just manuevering the steering wheel was putting pressure on my sternum and it was very uncomfortable. I could actually feel and hear the bone/wire 'clicking'. I don't like that. I think I'm going to wait a few more weeks before trying to drive again.

I was so excited last night, I was able to sleep for a little while on my right side. I had to prop up my left arm with the blanket so it wouldn't put pressure on the area where the implant is. It felt so good to sleep like that again, even if only for a couple hours.
The toughest part about sleeping in the bed is getting out of it. I have to roll over onto my right elbow and give a push so I can sit up. Then I have to put my hands on my knees and push myself up with my thighs. I have one of those beds with the 'high' mattresses. I love it, but to get into bed, I have to literally climb in. That was hard to do when I first came home, but I'm getting good at it now.

Everyone keeps telling me how 'good I look'. Yikes. What the heck did I look like before?

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