Saturday, February 10, 2007

Road Trip Time

Tomorrow morning Tom, Mrs. Hyde and I will be departing our home at 5:30 am on our way to Atlantic City for 5 days.

I took Mrs. H shopping this afternoon she was whining that she didn't have anything to wear while I just bought myself a few new tops last weekend. I told her if she would just apply for a job she could afford some new clothes but she reminded me that 'I' was her 'job', that she takes care of me in situations she feels I am unable to handle alone. She got me there, so I dug into my craft money stash and took her to the mall. She must have tried on six different tops before she settled on two of them. Her tastes run similar to my own, although she tends to be more flashy and says I am too dowdy. So we compromise and get something tasteful that we both can agree on. One minor incident involved a nightgown/robe I wanted to buy to put away for my hospital stay the following week. Mrs. H oohed and aahed over a red and black lacey thing that seemed more appropriate for a brothel than a hospital. We almost came to blows on that one. She threatened to stick me with her cattle prod but I managed to convince her to put it away and if she allowed me to purchase my choice of night wear, I would let her bring the cattle prod along on our trip in case the menfolk needed a little persuasion to keep the heat turned down low. She relented after also bribing me into bringing along a gallon jug of wine. I made her promise however, to wait until we got to our hotel and then she could imbibe to her hearts content. Hoping she will drink herself into a stupor and sleep the entire next day so I could have a little fun without worrying what she may or may not do to embarrass us all.

When we got back to the house, Tom was sitting in his truck with the motor running and looked none too happy. Turns out he got home on his lunch hour soon after we had left for the store and he didn't have a key to get into the house. His sister lives down the street from us so he walked down there to borrow the extra key and she wasn't home either. He sat out in his mail truck for 30 minutes with no heater. Those mail trucks are tin and cold as the inside of an ice box. The temp outside was 20 degrees. After his lunch hour was up he returned to the Post Office and was home again an hour later. We still weren't home, he still didn't have a key to get in the house but this time he had heat. When we pulled up and parked he got out of his truck and was somewhat aggravated. He left his key hanging on the key holder in the house because he assumed I wasn't going anywhere today and would be here to let him in. He assumes too much I think. I feel certain that next time he will be sure to pocket his key. Mrs. H doubts it.

Tom and I went down to Blinkey's for dinner and a drink, leaving Mrs. H at home with leftover pizza from last night and the remote control. She had the TV all to herself for a couple hours. Tom and I are going to hit the sack about 8:00 pm tonight so we have no trouble getting up in the morning. Mrs. H. is already sawing logs. I close my eyes and thank the Lord for small favors.

I imagine we will have some stories to write about upon our return from Atlantic City.
Tom asked me if there was any way that we could just leave Mrs. H there on Friday and return without her. I think I still need her, but don't tell HER that. ;)

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